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February 17, 2020, 6:08 pm

World’s first passenger Drone for Man

  • Update Time : Monday, August 19, 2019

Recently China has launched a flying drone for man named Ehang 184 .It is one of the most recent example of automated vehicle in the world. It’s world most self driving vehicle.

Passenger Capacity – Because of it’s feature it can have one passenger .It have a small round body ,eight fans and four arms.It has two doors to enter into it.

Flight Safety: It has added some extra battery power when it is flying for it’s safety for passengers.

How to fly with it : You will get a tab to control it.With the help of tab you can fly with it and control it.After getting in to it, you will have make flight plan for fly it.With the help of tab   you will be able to see the sat-elite plan from the drone.

How long or far it can fly with in range : It doesn’t matter for it’s launching or flying area.It’s a global system.Ehang can globally fly all over the world.

Where can it would be use: IT can us for personal work,for emergency work,to get rid of traffic,alternative for ambulance.

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